Aerobatics Freestyle motocross Skydive


redefined show

We are here to propose the fusion between human talent and technology

3 days

4 shows

1283 km

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This is high-octane live performance that will explode goosebumps on your skin

We train hard, research, build and test things. Later on, what looks extreme is in fact well-thought-out act.

Do you want to see stunts from our videos in live?

Synergy of music, athletic performance and flying. Real time behind-the-scenes streamed to big screens on the ground. Composed sound design during the whole performance to unleash the dynamics of the stunts.

Live radio communications between the team broadcasted to the speakers on the ground. Spectator gets to know what is happening inside, second by second living it together with the team.


The Earth is 70% water, 30% land and 100% air

Alternative reality

second by second living it together with the team

Highly coordinated tasks, air-to-air filming and photography.

Exclusive and extraordinary experiences.

We are open to collaborations, general shows and your other ideas. Send us an email and we will discuss all the details

We look forward seeing you.