Aerobatics Freestyle motocross Skydive

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31 August, 2021



Celebrating beauty of nature and dynamics of action sport. Team brought pontoon to Bakota Bay to perform challenging landings in the middle of the water reservoir.

37° 39' 0" (47° 21' 0)

The last day of summer

31 August, 2021

Aerobatics, FMX, Skydive and mix of watersports in challenging and beautiful location

Sergey Mazur with his jet ski team arranged flawless safety management of the activities

This region of Ukraine is made for Bush flying

Either on skis or on bush wheels it has plenty of locations to land and explore solitary places


One of the locations for Aerotim Camp

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Highly coordinated tasks, air-to-air filming and photography.

Exclusive and extraordinary experiences.

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