Aerobatics Freestyle motocross Skydive


The Thrill of a Lifetime

3300 FT

430 Kts

2894 rpm

49389 NM

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You can consider this as exclusive activities: flight on a sports plane to one of our chosen bases, aerobatics, fighter jet and helicopter experience, the opportunity to jump in tandem from an aerostat above the clouds, to see aerobatics at arm's length having dinner on top of a hot air balloon.

Or you can consider it as an introduction to our philosophy, as a deep communication through the prism of activities that are more common in cinema than in everyday life. Participate in planning and choosing an unknown location in the mountains or a wild sandy spit in the sea, and land there with us.

Opportunity to control an airplane/helicopter, participate in filming the aesthetics of flights and wild locations.

A sure chance to find yourself being in a flow state. Nothing is guaranteed and everything is possible.

aerotim camp

4383 FT

43873 NM

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We will teach piloting techniques, weather analysis, coordination, skydiving, motorcycle/snowbike handling - in a very practical and exciting manner.

 We will carefully take care of logistics and accommodation, balance of activities and rest. In our camps you feel as if you spend several months fitted in a couple of days.

While improvising, together we can direct and shoot something beautiful, dynamic, or at least just very touching.
aerotim camp

During Camps we focus more on the educational part

What the viewer sees in our videos is just the tip of the iceberg. We often hear from those who have joined these events: "God! Is this all happening in reality in front of my eyes! Incredible!"

Selection of the Camp participants is harder, not only should we like each other, being close-minded people, but also be in a good physical shape.  

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Both Aerotim Experience and Camp will require an interview, as many activities require composure, self-control, adventurism, excellent psycho-physical preparation and the habit of excess adrenaline.