Aerobatics Freestyle motocross Skydive


We are all born explorers


Unafraid to experiment and break the rules

We are a Ukrainian team of young athletes and creative people.

We develop a new type of airshow which includes technologies that immerse spectators into the action.

We do flying camps where we teach and share our knowledge.

Organising exclusive experiences. 

Building fast flying drones and filming the impossible.

our mission

Our mission is to help people rise above the ordinary

gopro million dollar challenge award


GoPro Million Dollar Challenge 2020 winner

The idea came when we had one of our training camps in the western part of Ukraine. Alexandr Masushko climbes to the top of the hot air balloon, standing there in a bathrobe, drinking coffee at an altitude of 1500 meters. Right after he takes a sip of coffee, aerobatic plane flies by in a close proximity, Timur makes a sharp turn, while Nazar Dorosh shoots all the morning scene with drone.





Hours in the air


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TV & FILM Awards 2023

Aerotim crew

  • Timur Fatkullin
    Timur Fatkullin / Pilot, crew leader

    Extra 330, Bush Plane, L39. Skydiving. Operational security

  • Valeriia Guzema
    Valeriia Guzema / PIC

    extra330 pilot, skydiver

  • Kurka
    Kurka / coordination

    Skydiver, base jumper. Died summer 2022 fighting russia invasion.

  • Anton Mykhaylyuk
    Anton Mykhaylyuk / Helicopter Pilot

    Super Puma, H-145, R44. Flying for State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Police and Military.

  • Ira Suldina
    Ira Suldina / Photographer

    creative and talented with that very way of sensing

  • Nazarii Dorosh
    Nazarii Dorosh / Creative director of Ukraine

    The Drone pilot

  • Yuliia Slobodianiuk
    Yuliia Slobodianiuk / pilot

    Boeing 737 pilot. Starting soon Extra330 and Bush flying

  • Sergey Gusak
    Sergey Gusak / FMX athlete

    fmx star

  • Sophia Yanchevska
    Sophia Yanchevska / Photographer

    first steps into flying life

  • Stepan Pavliuk
    Stepan Pavliuk / Producer

    future pilot

  • Vlad Tist
    Vlad Tist / Vlog


  • Aleksandr Ostashevskyi
    Aleksandr Ostashevskyi / Artist and technician

    Pilot, mechanic, art and modelling

  • Alexander Bubenchykov
    Alexander Bubenchykov / ideology

    World champion freediver World record holder 9 min breath hold STA 289 m DYN (World Record)

  • Mobi
    Mobi / Photographer


  • Alex Stratienko
    Alex Stratienko / Cinematographer

    DOP, director, documentary filmmaking

  • Sergey Mazur
    Sergey Mazur / Jet Pilot

    Snowbike unit. Water sports: jet ski racing, freestyle

  • Oleksandr Mazur
    Oleksandr Mazur / Drone pilot

    drone racing, tech, R&D

  • Denis Fedoseev
    Denis Fedoseev / coordination

    no-bullshit dep

  • Alexandr Marushko
    Alexandr Marushko / Skydiver

    skydive, BASE, wingsuit

  • Marian Brigey
    Marian Brigey / Pilot

    Hot air balloon and skydive

  • Elena Kravchuk
    Elena Kravchuk / Skydiver

    Athlete. Aerotim youth flying club management and public relations

  • Daria Nevezhyna
    Daria Nevezhyna / Designer

    creative and structured

  • Alexander Konofalov
    Alexander Konofalov / tech, pilot

    Bush plane pilot and tech

  • Danskiy
    Danskiy / music producer

    kick back and chill

  • Vyacheslav Rybchynskii
    Vyacheslav Rybchynskii / diver, engineer


  • Volodymyr Okan
    Volodymyr Okan / Cargo Pilot

    Logistics. Team's talisman and luck.

  • Julia Grebeniovska
    Julia Grebeniovska / CCO

    Chief Communications Officer



Highly coordinated tasks, air-to-air filming and photography.

Exclusive and extraordinary experiences.

We are open to collaborations, general shows and your other ideas. Send us an email and we will discuss all the details

We look forward seeing you.